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Support Hours

We are based in South African and thus follow the South African Standard Time (SAST/UTC+2).

We aim to address all tickets raised within a day within the same or next day so depending on the complexity of the issue you could expect a 4-8 hour turn around. Please keep the timezone in mind as we may be ahead or behind you in time by quite many hours if you are not based in Africa or Europe.

Our server maintenance periods are every Saturday morning 10:00 – 11:00 SAST/ATC+2 Time


How to navigate Analytical Applications

Please review the following video which provides an overview of InsightsHub and navigating analytical applications:

  • Access application from InsightsHub
  • Overview of InsightsHub - Streams & Appliations
  • Application Navigation Overview
  • Application selections


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Accessing InsightsHub

Please note you can only access InsightsHub once you have registered to a solution

Please review the InsightsHub Overview video first:

Click on the Login page on the main top menu.

Alternatively you can login to InsightsHub from bottom of the Home Page or Main Menu LOGIN:

  • Log into InsightsHub, our portal, where all configuration, license assignment and access to analytical applications are performed
  • When you log into InsightsHub you will either be taken to the notification area, dashboard or configuration page depending on whether you have just subscribed to a solution or returning to InsightsHub

Process within InsightsHub

  1. Solution Configuration: This is where you will take the step by step process to integrate your data to your solution
  2. Manage Users: This is where you will assign licenses to yourself and your sub-users to your configured solutions
  3. Dashboard: This is where you will access your solutions

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How will I be billed?

We provide a automatically reoccurring subscripti0n model so this means that you will automatically be billed on your subscription renewal date should you not cancel your subscription before that date. If you subscribe to a monthly subscription you will be billed on the same day every month for the renewal of your subscription, and the same for annual subscriptions but on annual subscriptions you will be billed once for the total year and then again renew a year later.

Billing: License Assignments Notice

Licenses are assigned to the account which processes the subscription. We are not able to move license assignments across accounts. The account is based on the subscription and the subscription is based on the email utilized for the main account which performs the subscription so if you are purchasing for another account please ensure that you use that accounts main user email address.

Billing: Subscription Statuses Notice

There are three subscription statuses and your applications will be accessible based on these:

  • Active Subscription: Your subscription is active and all your assigned users will have access to all their assigned applications and reports
  • Suspended Subscription: Should you have queries about your accounts or wish to suspend your account or if payment processing seems to be a challenge we will suspend the account until all issues are concluded. On suspension of an account all your configurations and licenses assignments will be left as is but you won't have access to any applications or reports until the subscription is set to active status again.
  • Cancelled Status: On cancelled status we will leave your account, users and configurations as is, but will remove all license assignments once your subscription period has ended, and you will not have access to any paid subscription analytical applications or reports. Please note that should you reactivate your subscription subsequent to a cancellation you will need to reassign your licenses again.

Billing: Manual Subscription Processing

We are able to process your subscription manually for any amounts larger than $1500.00. Manually processing can only be performed for annual subscriptions so you would be required to purchase a full 12 months subscription once off.

Please email us at for all manual subscription requests.

Billing: Resource Usage

Resource usage are things such as amount of data or processing requirements puts a strain on our system. We currently have a good enough idea about the expected resource usage with the different products we are launching but we do reserve the right to change our pricing and or bring in resource restrictions as we require from time to time or account to account based on expected vs. actual utilisation.

Where do I find my billing information?

To access your billing information you should log into InsightsHub. There is a tab called Billing and from this tab you will be able to access both your orders as well as your subscriptions which have been approved.


Orders are generated on each check-out of the e-commerce cart. The order is generated before you go to the payment system to process your payment.

You will see different statuses on your orders depending on whether the order was successfully processed or not.

Processing Status:

  • If you have checked our the order but payment has not been processed successfully

Cancelled Status

  • When you have cancelled an order


  • When you have successfully subscribed to the service


You can access your active subscriptions from the billing tab. All subscriptions displayed here are active and can be cancelled by taking the View Option and cancelling through the cancellation process by clicking on the cancel button.


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How To Access Analytical Applications

Please review our How To Access Analytical Applications Video:


The InsightsHub portal is the place where you configure your solutions, assign licenses to your users and from which you then access your analytical applications.

You can access your Analytical Applications from the Dashboard View.

On the Dashboard there is an icon under Access Analytical Applications. Click on this icon.

You will now access your Analytical Applications in another browser window.

See: Open Analytical Applications for more details on how to open and use your Analytical Applications

Please review our how to navigate InsightsHub and Analytical Applications Video:


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Managing Users

There is a dedicated section for user management in the InsightsHub. You can access the Manage Users section from the main menu.

Please review our How To Subscribe Video:



Manage Users

  1. Invite Users
  2. Assign User Rights - Admin Users, Application Users, Static Report Users
  3. Assign Users added to solutions

In the manage users section you can add sub-users to your account. These are users you wish to provide access to your analytical applications and reports. You can add users one by one or import users all at once using the Import Users feature and following the import instructions.

You will be able to assign Admin, Application Users and Static Report User rights to each user you have added as sub-users to your account. You have to add the users and assign them rights and click the update users button to save your configuration, in order to be able to assign users to a solution. If you have added a user with Application User rights you will then be able to add that user as a user on your solutions section.

Assign users rights by clicking on the tick boxes provided. The Active users when showing a green thumb means that the user has accepted your invitation, and red thumb means they have not, as yet, accepted your invitation.

Please note:

You will only see your solutions once you have configured your solution successfully. If you are on the solution page and you don't see any solutions to assign users too, please reconfigure your solution accordingly.

You will only be able to add a user to a solution once you have assigned the user rights in the Manage User top section i.e. as an Admin, Application User and/or report user.

Admin Users

Please Note:

Assigning a user Admin Rights to the system means that that user can subscribe to additional licenses, can manage other user access, assign licenses, and can configure solutions within the account.

Application Users

Assigning a person as an Application user license type means that user will now have access to the applications on a solution of your choosing. Once you have assigned a user a license type such as Analyst/Engineer/Scientist license to a solution, and assign the user access to an analytical application they will be able to access such analytical applications with the rights assigned, from the dashboard.

Report Users

A report user does not have rights to access an analytical application but will be able to be added to the solution and assigned report distribution to the solution. You can select the reports you wish to assign to the user by going to the report assignment section.

Manage Solution Users

Here you are able to see all the licenses you have subscribed too as well as the amount of licenses that have been assigned or not assigned.

Once you have assigned users with access rights i.e. Admin, Application or Reports you can now add users to the solutions.

  • Select your users from the Add Users Search/Drop down box in the solution area
  • Select/multi select the users you wish to add to a solution
  • Push the + button to add all the users

  • You can switch between license assignment areas with the buttons provided i.e. Application Licenses / Report Licenses or Company / Application assignments on the Sage Business Cloud Accounting solution for instance.
  • Assign access to the users by clicking on the check-box options where relevant
  • As an example: In Sage you can assign the user with access to a specific or multiple companies which means that the user will have access to the company's assigned data once he/she accesses the analytical application.
  • Ensure to click on the Save Changes to save all your assignments

Please note:

It may take some minutes to access the analytical applications should you change license assignments for a user, as we need to perform a reload of the application and applications with a lot of data might take a couple of minutes to reload.

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Configuring your solutions are easy!

We provide a specific area in InsightsHub, our portal, where you can access all your configurations for the various solutions we provide. Just follow the menu provided and select the Service Configuration Section.

Please review the How to Configure Solutions video:



Once you are in the Service Configuration section:

  • Select a solution category to configure i.e. Finance, Social Media, Productivity etc.
  • Once you have selected the category all the relevant configurations for the category will be available as icons i.e. Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Social My Life: Twitter
  • Select the icon of the service you wish to configure

  • You will now have the configuration pages open at the bottom of the page. Work your way through the step-by-step pages and follow the instructions provided to configure your solution
  • Once you have finished your configuration you can go to the Manage Users section to both load your sub-users and assign licenses to them
  • Once you have assigned licenses to your users, and assigned access to the applications and reports you can go to the Dashboard section to access your solution. See our Accessing Solutions FAQ for more information on how to access your solutions

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