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Support Hours

We are based in South African and thus follow the South African Standard Time (SAST/UTC+2).

We aim to address all tickets raised within a day within the same or next day so depending on the complexity of the issue you could expect a 4-8 hour turn around. Please keep the timezone in mind as we may be ahead or behind you in time by quite many hours if you are not based in Africa or Europe.

Our server maintenance periods are every Saturday morning 10:00 – 11:00 SAST/ATC+2 Time



Accessing your Analytical Applications from any Mobile Device

Analytics2Insights provides a total dynamic mobile experience to mobility users. You can access your analytical applications from any device using your standard browser provided with the device.

Just access the InsightsHub Dashboard with your mobile browser and click on the Access Analytical Applications icon as shown below.

Should you wish to access your analytical applications with the Apple device application please follow the following configuration steps:

  • Log into InsightsHub with your device browser (iPhone/iPad)
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the direct link to the application from the App Store Icon (download the application) or search for Qlik Sense Application
  • Click on the Configure Your Mobile Application link provided (Alternatively come to this post and click Here while using your mobile browser)
  • This will add the Analytics2Insights InsightsHub server link to your server list

(Images from iPad)

  • Click OK
  • You will now see the Server List - You will see the Analytics2Insights - InsightsHub server link


  • You can click on this link which will open the Analytics2Insights login screen

  • Use the same credentials as you used to create you Analytics2Insights - InsightsHub account to sign into InsightsHub
  • This will open the server and provide you with access to your analytical applications

How to delete the server link

Should you wish to delete the application please delete it the same way you would delete any other application from your device

Should you wish to renew / delete the server link:

  • Click on the "..." on the server link name

  • Click on the delete icon at the bottom of the configuration window that pops out

  • This will delete the server from the server list