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Support Hours

We are based in South African and thus follow the South African Standard Time (SAST/UTC+2).

We aim to address all tickets raised within a day within the same or next day so depending on the complexity of the issue you could expect a 4-8 hour turn around. Please keep the timezone in mind as we may be ahead or behind you in time by quite many hours if you are not based in Africa or Europe.

Our server maintenance periods are every Saturday morning 10:00 – 11:00 SAST/ATC+2 Time


Registration through subscription

Please review our How To Subscribe Video:


You need to subscribe to a solution in order to register and gain access to your analytical applications in our portal called InsightsHub

  • Select the solution you wish to subscribe too (this can be a paid or free solution)
  • Select your subscription package (monthly, annually)

  • With the current payment system we can only allow one cart check-out at a time
  • Check-Out your cart
  • Select your payment type and process payment accordingly (free solutions don't require this step)
  • Once you have performed your payment you will be returned to the site
  • Click on the Login page on the main top menu

Alternatively you can login to InsightsHub from bottom of the home page:

Or you can access the login from the main menu:

  • Log into InsightsHub, our portal, where all configuration, license assignment and access to analytical applications are performed
  • When you log into InsightsHub you will either be taken to the notification area, dashboard or configuration page depending on whether you have just subscribed to a solution or returning to InsightsHub

Once you are logged into InsightsHub you will perform the following steps in the set order to gain access to your analytical applications

  1. Configure Solutions
  2. Manage Users
  3. Access Analytical Applications

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