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Analytics on your Twitter Data

Whether you are a company looking to analyse the performance of many different twitter profiles/brands or an individual looking to analyse your own twitter life, this is the application for you!

Social My Life: Twitter provides a comprehensive analysis across tweets, users, mentions, retweets, replies across channels, time, sentiment and more.

As a company you might be interested in how your competitors are leveraging the twitter platform to collaborate, inform and respond to their customers and prospects.

Twitter as a platform can provide valuable insights on how you can compete better, provide a better service, campaign better should you be able to perform the right analysis and gain the correct insights. Our Twitter analytical application aims to enable you to do exactly that!

Social My Life: Twitter - Analyse your twittersphere!

  • Time based analysis across users, tweet types and sentiment
  • Analysis views on conversation threads with tweet details, sentiment, trending hashtags and keywords
  • Detailed analysis on response times
  • Detailed analysis on users, followers, mentions

The easy configuration process enables us to pull the data from your account into the analytical application. The configuration also enables you to load the accounts/profiles/handles you wish to follow, as well as enables you to turn down the noise with an exclusion list which you can manage though the configuration process.

Please note:

When you activate your twitter handles we are only able to pull data from about 10-14 days back so we will pull what is available and as we store data every day we will grow the total data for the analytical application.

As some twitter handles can create a lot of data as they are very active on social media we reserve the right to limit the amount of historical data we keep stored.

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