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Anybody running a highly effective team or working effectively will have a task management system. Wunderlist is one of the best in the market.

The free Wunderlist application provides productive managers, team leaders and individuals with a great analytical application around their tasks, sub-tasks, stared tasks, comments and notes.

We have built some great analytics around your tasks showing your tasks by:

  • Folder
  • Due date
  • Open/Closed
  • Duration

Additionally to duration we have produced analytical views that show your open/closed/starred tasks by period created/closed by year, month, day of week, day of month. This provides great insights around how your months are shaping up and how you are managing your tasks and productivity.

If you are running and assigning tasks to your teams with assigned responsibilities and deadlines you are assured to gain some valuable insights from this application as you can perform any of the analysis above across lists, tasks, sub-tasks, task creator or assigned users.

Overall Insights Value

Analytical Applications

Applications are prebuilt analytical visualizations that enable you to explore your data and find valuable insights, that will support decision making and improve your business. The associative experience ensures that you never loose sight of what is important, and keeps the context as you navigate through your applications and perform your analytics. The objective of every application is to provide you with insights on your data that is accurate and easy to understand.

Analytical applications not only provide a great way to explore your data but also provides context through comparisons and trends on the data. Comparisons such as year to date and variances of year on year or month on month trends provide you with a great base for your analysis. Additionally to the standard analytical capabilities we provide a couple of useful functionalities across our solutions.

Advanced Insights

We have provided some advanced insights views within some of the solution applications that are accessible to users with the correct licenses. Such advanced insights are generated using machine learning, cognitive and artificial intelligence methods that provide predictive and prescriptive capabilities. By combining the human intuition with machine intelligence we are able to provide an augmented intelligence solution that will provide you with advanced insights within our solutions.

Self-Service (COMING SOON)

We provide a prebuilt central libraries consisting of dimensions, measures and visualizations that self-service users can utilize to create their own visualizations and analytical views to better analyze their data based on their own preferences on how they wish to view the data. Our analytical system's cognitive engine will automatically support the user with the best possible view on the data for the defined dimension or measure as they are placed within the view.


Ever wish you could tell a contextual story around you data or do you have a standard process on how you wish to analyze your data and discuss with your peers, well our solution provides you with a snapshot based view of your data, views and enables you to add context to the data which can then be shared and discussed with peers. The story is set up in presentation format taking you from one insight and findings to the next with the ability to go directly to the live data to further analyze should you require and then jump back to your story at any time. This is a great tool for analysts and accountants who need to present and discuss findings insights with their peers from time to time.

Overall Insights Value


Our reporting solutions provide standard statutory and analytics type reporting on solutions. Statutory type reporting for instance would be an income statement or balance sheet report and an analytical type report could be a sales representative's or social media performance report. Reports are delivered across different formats via email or downloadable from the system.

Additionally to the scheduled reports, users with the correct license can pull reports from the system on an on-demand basis i.e. while they are navigating their analytics, they can push a button and select the report which would then be based on their current context selected. On-demand reporting is great for sharing context based information or requesting some additional insights from subject matter users. (On-Demand COMING SOON)

Data Exports

Additionally to the reporting capabilities any user can export their data from any view object by right clicking on the object and selecting the data export option. Data will be exported as an image, PDF or data (.xlsx) which can be accessed by Excel or similar type applications.

Smart Search

Smart search provide you with instant access to what you are looking for. Smart search recommends search terms as you type, understands sentence based parameters and provides search results based on available views as well as data.

Additionally to the smart search function we provide a selection tool that quickly shows the user what they currently have selected, and possible other dimensions, and fields they can explore.

We provide free and paid subscription based solutions

Our free solutions are minimum viable analytical applications that although very useful does not provide you the detailed drill down and comprehensive analysis you will get from a paid solution. You are required to subscribe to the free solutions in the same way that you are required to subscribe to paid solutions. Free solutions will provide a zero cost per solution pricing in pricing section.


User License Types

We provide the following application user access license types

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