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Swift Reporting

Unlimited, Scheduled, White Label Reports

Our automated reporting solution ensures you always have the information you need when you wish to receive it. Swift Reporting integrates to your accounting data and provides prebuilt reports as scheduled

The Swift Reporting solution is great for any bookkeepers and accountants that wish to service their customers with insightful reports. Additionally to your standard Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance we have created a Performance Report and a Management Report.

We have made it easy for bookkeepers and accountants to invite their own teams to access the reports or they can invite their customers to schedule and access the reports directly.

Please Note: The Swift Reporting solution provides unlimited reports but does not provide any access to the analytical applications. Should your customer wish to have access to their applications you would need to subscribe to an accounting practice package

Unlimited Reporting

Our Swift Reporting solution is an unlimited reporting solution and delivers the following reports to unlimited companies and users within those companies.

  • Performance Report - All you need snapshot of your business!
  • Management Report - Financial Performance, Customer, Supplier, Cashflow, Expenses, Inventory
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

Scheduled Reporting

You can define the schedule for when you wish to receive all your reports. You set up the schedule once and the reports will be delivered accordingly

White Labeled

Uploaded your logo to your InsightsHub Profile and receive all your reports with your own logo on the report

Subscriber Add-On

Swift Reporting is a paid subscription service that provides unlimited, scheduled, automated, white labelled reports to all users that have been provided access to the reports. The solution provides detailed reporting on your finances:
  • Performance Report
  • Management Report
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance