Analytics2Insights Sage Time Tracking Analytics Solution

Sage Time Tracking Analytics

The Sage Time Tracking Analytics Solution provides a comprehensive analytical application that enables the user to analyse across different dimensions such as:

  • Customer Allocation & Billing Analysis
  • Employee Allocation & Billing Analysis
  • Project Allocation & Billing Analysis
  • Task Allocation & Billing Analysis

Additionally to the standard analytics around time tracking we have implemented comparisons, trends and exception views.

The solution understands the difference between weekdays, weekends, public holidays and standard work hours can be defined to ensure the system will calculate over/under hours correctly and provide the analysis on a daily basis based on customer, project or employee level.

Performing monthly consolidations around hours delivered and billed per project, customer and employee is very easy with a specific list type view provided which enables cross dimensional analysis from any direction i.e. analysis from customer perspective or from project or employee perspective.

Analysis across periods made easy with totals, possible and over/under hour analysis on annual/monthly/daily views with colors driving the under/over performance of employees on customers and projects.

Subscribed Add-On

Subscribe to the most comprehensive Sage Time Tracking add-on which provides a detailed analysis on your time bookings

  • Analyse Customers, Employees, Projects & Tasks
  • Analyse Captured Hours, Written Off Hours, Billable Hours, Unbilled Hours, Billed Hours, Billed Amounts
  • Overall monthly performance analysis per customer, employee, project & tasks
  • Dashboards and KPI's showing comparative and trending views
  • Financial Overview & Detailed Analysis
  • Timesheet detailed views
  • Exception Views
  • Lists views per customer, employee, project & tasks making it easy to do month end consoliations
  • Reports: Timesheet, Employee, Customer, Project, Holiday View and Weekend View