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Sage Accounting Analytics Add-On

Advanced Analytics on your Sage Accounting Data

Our Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SageOne) Solution provides a comprehensive cloud based accounting, financial and management accounting analytics and reporting solution for businesses and advisors. The solution provides analytics on all comparisons, trends, forecasts, advanced analytics and other analytical methods to support your financial decision making. At present we are integrated to Sage International Region: South Africa Hosted Platform

Solution Benefits

  • Detailed analytics on life data with drill down to transactional level
  • Advanced Insights through predictive and recommendation models
  • Integrated planning with budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning
  • Analytics across debtors, creditors, customers, suppliers, expenses, inventory and much more
  • Create stories for your management review sessions that are directly linked to your review's data
  • Access your analytics from any connected device
  • Ask Aime our InsightsBot any KPI related question
  • Unlimited, scheduled, white labelled reporting

Its easy to configure your add-on and have access to your data.

You can invite and assign licenses to your users and accountants can invite their customers and assign access to their specific companies.

Analyse your accounting data from any direction, see and interrogate trends and answer any question! Subscribe and schedule your own reports to be available when you need them.

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Free Add-On

We provide a free add-on with enough analytics to replace more than 80% of your currently used reports so it is quite likely that you won't have to pull a report again.

The free solution provides analytics on:

  • Financial Health
  • Customer Analysis including debtor buckets
  • Supplier Analysis including creditor buckets
  • Income Statement


Subscriber Add-On

The Sage Accounting Add-On provides as many users access to analyse as many companies' data as you have subscribed to. The solution provides a detailed breakdown of:
  • Financial Health
  • Predictive Cashflow
  • Sales Recommendations
  • Aime our InsightBot
  • Integrated budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning
  • Actionable Insights when combined with our Wunderlist analytical app
  • Cashflow Statement Analysis
  • Detailed Customer & Supplier Analysis
  • Expenses Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance
  • And more.....


Try For Free

Trial or subscribe to our free applications! It's a great way to test the product and see the value of analytics.