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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Analytics Add-On Solution

Advanced Analytics on your Sage Accounting Data

Our Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SageOne) Solution provides a comprehensive cloud based accounting, financial and management accounting analytical and reporting solution for businesses and accounting practices. The solution provides analytics on all comparisons, trends, forecasts, advanced analytics and other analytical methods to support your financial decision making.

At present we are integrated to Sage International Region: South Africa Hosted Platform.

We provide solution packages for businesses and accounting practices.

You can subscribe to a free, package, bundle or individual license and the following features are included per package or license subscribed.

  • Access to free (limited) or paid advanced detailed financial analysis
  • Add users and configure their usage types
  • Access to defined companies & currencies (cross company analytics)
  • Prebuilt analytical applications
  • Scheduled distributed reports
  • On-demand Reporting (additional subscription module) - COMING SOON
  • Geographical Analytics (additional subscription module) - COMING SOON

Once you have configured your solution and have access to your data, you will experience the most comprehensive
accounting analytical solution on the market today.

You can invite and assign licenses to your users and accountants can invite their customers and assign access
to their specific companies.

Analyse your accounting data from any direction, see and interrogate trends and answer any question! Subscribe and schedule your own reports to be available when you need them.

Free Subscription Solution

The objective of the free Sage Business Cloud Accounting Solution is to provide a good analysis on one company but is very much restricted to what a subscriber will receive in the paid version of the solution. The aim is to provide an idea of the experience and the value of the analysis.

The free Sage Business Cloud Accounting Solution provides one (1) user access to analyse one (1) companys' data.

The free version of the application enables limited analysis on a company's financial performance. 

  • Financial Performance
  • Customer Analysis
  • Supplier Analysis
  • Income Statement (annual comparisons only)

The free solution does not provide access to any other management reports such as  balance sheets, trial balances and cashflow statements, the ability to export data nor does it provide access to detailed analysis on debtors, creditors, inventory, cashflow etc.

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Paid Subscription Solution

The paid Sage Business Cloud Accounting Solution provides as many users, access to analyse as many companies' data as you have subscribed to.

The paid version of the application provides an analysis on customer, supplier, items, predictive cashflow as well as detailed management reporting such as income statement, balance sheet, trial balance with drill down to month on month comparisons.

The solution provides a detailed breakdown of:

Overall Financial Performance

  • Across Company & Currency Analysis
  • KPI's & Key Ratio Analysis
  • Customer & Supplier Detailed Analysis
  • Predictive Cashflow (80% accuracy view)
  • Item Analysis
  • Bank Account Transaction Analysis
  • Trade Receivables / Payable Analysis
  • Reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance
  • Accounts Setup Analysis
  • And much much more

We have structured the analytical application to provide you with all the analysis you need within the first 3-5 sheets and with the ability to go into as much detail as needed down to transaction level. The total application consist of more than 49 sheets of analytics around your financial health.


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