Our Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SageOne) Solution provides a comprehensive accounting analytics and reporting solution for businesses and advisors.

We are integrated to Sage International Region: South Africa Hosted Platform

Solution Benefits

  • Detailed analytics on life data with drill down to transactional level
  • Advanced Insights through predictive and recommendation models
  • Integrated planning with budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning
  • Analytics across debtors, creditors, customers, suppliers, expenses, inventory and much more
  • Create stories for your management review sessions that are directly linked to your data for further analysis
  • Ask Aime our InsightsBot any KPI related question
  • Set up targeted Alerts or Scheduled Alerts to stay on top of your numbers
  • Unlimited, scheduled, white labelled reporting
  • Access your analytics from any connected device

Its easy to configure your add-on and have access to your data.

You can invite and assign licenses to your users and accountants can invite their customers and assign access to their specific companies.


Subscriber Add-On

The Sage Accounting Add-On provides as many users access to analyse as many companies' data as you have subscribed to. The solution provides a detailed breakdown of:

Subscribe and gain access to:

  • Analytical App
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Aime our InsightBot & SmartAlerts

Analytics Overview:

  • Financial Health
  • Predictive Cash flow
  • Sales Recommendations
  • Integrated budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning
  • Cash flow Statement Analysis
  • Detailed Customer & Supplier Analysis
  • Expenses Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance
  • Actionable Insights when combined with our Wunderlist analytical app
  • And more..... much much more