Financial Analytics Platform for Cloud Accounting Solutions

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Financial Cloud Data Integrations

We provide the most comprehensive advisory platform for cloud data accounting solutions

Our accounting solutions provide detailed data analytics, financial reporting and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and features within the specific cloud integrations.

Back Office Work

Insights Based Advisory

Finance Data Analytics Integrations

The integrated cloud accounting systems are not the same and thus provide a unique integration and data structures per integration. This would, for instance, mean our Sage and Xero solutions are not a 100% similar as the one system may provide more access to data than the other or have additional data that the other may not have.

Please visit your specific integrated system page for the details on the data analytics we provide per system

Feature Data Analytics Benefits

Its easy to configure your add-on and gain access to your data

You can invite unlimited amount of users. Accountants can invite their customers and assign access to their specific companies

Financial Data Analytics Solutions

Start Up

Our Start Up package is meant for small companies that know their business and only need access to their numbers via our InstantInsights and reporting solution and does not provide access to the analytical application

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Mid-Market Solution: Small, Growing, Large Companies

Our mid-market solution enables unlimited data exploration, analytics, unlimited reporting and unlimited access to all our features for all subscribed companies

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Franchises & Non-Profits

Our franchises and non-profit customers are able to analyse their organisations across multiple entities with consolidated or grouped views or those entities

Our ranking features really help these customers by providing an understanding or performance across multiple perspectives across multiple entities

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Bookkeepers & Accountants

We provide the perfect insights platform for bookkeepers and advisors to build or extend their advisory capability with their customers

Access unlimited data exploration, analytics, stories and unlimited reporting for all subscribed companies and unlimited access to InstantInsights

Subscribe to Swift Reporting for unlimited reporting for all your customers. Swift Reporting excludes access to the analytical application and is a dedicated reporting product

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Our finance product pricing provides unlimited analysis, reporting and access to our AI InstantInsights solutions such as Aime our InsightsBot and SmartAlerts

Pricing is based on the amount of companies you wish to analyse

Companies Advisors, Franchises & Non-Profits

Swift Reporting

Our Swift reporting solution provides unlimited white labelled, scheduled, automated reporting to unlimited amount of companies. Swift Reporting is the perfect solution for bookkeepers and accounting practices that wish to provide all their customers with reporting and paying a fixed fee per month.

You can assign your customers with the rights to configure their own reports