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Affiliate Marketing Companies / Individuals

Are you an affiliate marketing company that generates professional content for your user base?

Are you a blogger or social media influencer that promotes products via your blog or social media services?

Analytics2Insights is the most advanced Insights-As-A-Service solution on cloud! We provide both analytical and reporting solutions across our various solution categories. Our analytical and Advanced Insights solutions are build by subject matter experts and provide the most exploratory experience on cloud data.
We work with content generation and social media influencers to promote our products and services to their user base. We have an affiliate marketing system that manages all affiliate URL's and ensures you are rewarded for your promotions. We have an affiliate area where you can access all our approved content to utilise for your promotions.

How it works

Our affiliate program pays a 15% commission for every sale that is generated from your audience so if you are generating professional content around our solution categories we are eager to speak to you!

We promote our solutions via social media activities and advertising. We hope you find our solutions interesting and see the value in working with a service such as ours!

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