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Back Office Work

Insights Based Advisory

Our Beliefs

We believe that data is the foundation of the new economy as companies that leverage their data effectively outperform companies that do not by a large margin. We have seen the valuation of companies that invest in data related products and services such as Facebook, google, Microsoft outgrow traditional asset based organistaions.

We believe that only through analytics can you find insights into your data. You should be able to freely explore your data, find insights and formulate actions that will drive business improvement and thus performance improvement through actionable insights.

We partner with advisory companies such as accountants, bookkeepers, marketing and consultation companies that leverage our platform for their advisory services requirements.

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Explore your customer's data and
find insights for business improvement
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Utilize the integrated scenario planning
to forecast the business results
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Advise & Action:

Create actions plan on how to improve
the business with the customer & using stories
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Review & Action:

Weekly/Monthly/Bi Annual reviews of the
stories and action plan execution with the customer

Advisory Platform Benefits

  • Fully automated solution, one simple configuration to access the data
  • Manage your own internal user's access or provide your customers with access to their own analytics & reporting & AI
  • Configure your own report distributions to your teams & customers or provide them access to configure their own report schedules
  • Prebuilt data architecture that provides access to consolidated, aggregated and quality data across all your dimensions and measures
  • Comprehensive best in class prebuilt analytics developed on your data. Go forth and explore your data across your data
  • Export data to excel, image or PDF when required
  • Self-Service enabled providing access to our governed data library and visualizations that you can create or change existing visualizations
  • Automated, scheduled, white labelled reporting on solutions
  • Create snapshot periodic stories based on findings, recommendations and actions for your customer. Provide advisory services and share the stories as PPT or PDF afterwards
  • Artificial Intelligence build into solutions such as machine learning analytics or our InsightsBot and SmartAlerts that provides direct access to your data through quick menu-based queries or targeted / scheduled alerts as your data changes
  • Mobility through our iOS and Android device apps that also enables offline data exploration on your device

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Let's meet and discuss our mutual partnership. This type business model is very exciting as it creates completely new value to our existing customers!

Integrated Partnership Benefits

  • We are a dedicated cloud data and analytics service
  • We are integration ready with our specialist integration team - hook in
  • We provide many integration options (configurations, e-commerce, security, authentication, AI integrations)
  • We provide many commercial deal structure options
  • We look for true mutual value creation partnerships that drive our mutual business growth
  • We provide training so you can build your own analytics based on the data we expose via our libraries
  • We host the base applications for you
  • We provide custom reporting configurations for your customers
  • We provide AI integration options

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Let's meet and discuss our mutual partnership. This type business model is very exciting as it creates completely new value to our existing customers!