Partners-Solution Developers - Analytics2Insights
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Thank you for your interest in a partnership with us!

Analytics2Insights provides a Unified Data Platform for BI companies to build cloud analytical solutions to market and sell globally.

We partner with other Qlik partners to develop cloud analytical solutions. Should you have experience in developing top class Financial, CRM, HCM and Productivity solutions in Qlik we would be interested to discuss a solution development partnership with you.

Please Note: We only integrate to cloud based systems

Partnership Model

  • Perform assessment of the solution case - business plan
  • Sign development agreement
  • Finalize resource allocations and deliverable deadlines
  • Allocate resources and kick off development process - Analytics2Insights provides a development environment and various integrated tools to support the total solution development including ebiexperts WIP: Lifecycle Management Solution for all source control and our Artificial Intelligence capabilities
  • Conclude solution development
  • Activate all back office services such as eCommerce, InsightsAppStore product marketing pages, configurations etc.
  • Launch continuous marketing plan
  • Implement improvement cycles

We look forward to meeting and discussing the partnership model with you in more detail.