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The Insights Based Advisory Platform

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Insights Based Advisory

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Explore your customer's data and
find insights for business improvement
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Utilize the integrated scenario planning
to forecast the business results
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Advise & Action:

Create actions plan on how to improve
the business with the customer & using stories
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Review & Action:

Weekly/Monthly/Bi Annual reviews of the
stories and action plan execution with the customer

How The Advisor Partner Model Works

  • Sign up for a partnership
  • Sign me up!

    Download Advisor Partnership Brochure
  • We will activate your partnership account and you will receive access to our quick training library (training takes about 1 hour)
  • When we have activated your account you can subscribe to your package and will automatically receive your partnership discount when you subscribe
  • Once you have subscribed to all the companies you wish to analyse and/or report on you can configure and provide your team and customers with access to their data

We Are Here To Support You

Our partner support team are here to assist you with any questions you may have.

When your partnership application is approved you immediately gain access to all our training material in our learning center.

Contact our partner support team from the get-go to get you up and running immediately once you have subscribed.


Provide Insights-As-A-Service to your customers!

We provide a data exploration analytics, reporting and InstantInsights platform for your advisory services.

You can instantly explore your customer's data in a prebuilt analytical app, analyse the data and provide an analytical service to your customer by providing them with monthly contextual stories derived from their data.

When you subscribe to your package, you will automatically receive a rebate as a partner and you can use your company amounts across both our integrated platforms Xero & Sage.

We also provide an unlimited, scheduled, automated and white labelled reporting solution called Swift Reporting for those customers that only need reports.

Build your insights based advisory service business today!

Are you and your team spending a lot of productivity time and effort to consolidate information for your customers and not providing them with insights on their business? Let's fix that!

Do you need to spend less time preparing for customer engagements and more time engaging with your customer? Let's analyse that!

Do you need to provide your customer with their financials when they need it? Let's automate that!

Does your customer need access to explore their own financial data? Let's provide that!

We refer our direct customers to our bookkeeping and accounting partners for advisory services. Let's partner up!

Download Advisor Partnership Brochure

Differentiate Your Services!

  • Utilize our analytics to provide a detailed advisory service to your customers
  • You can access all companies that are on your profile as well as any companies your customers have invited you to within one app
  • Provide your customer access to their own analytics
  • Provide your customer with access to Aime our InsightsBot when you invite them to the service
  • Provide your customer access to configure their own scheduled reports
  • Subscribe to our Swift Reporting solution for a pure reporting solution without analytical apps. Just schedule the reports and/or provide your customer access to schedule their own reports
  • Create and manage weekly or/and monthly updated stories with context and actions that you can monitor, update and execute with your customer
  • Actionable Insights: Need to track and monitor all your customer actions and tasks then start using Wunderlist and access our free Wunderlist analytical app and stay on top of your customer deliverables


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