Advisors & Reseller Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in a partnership with us!

Please find some information about our partnership models for Advisors providing solutions to their customers and Resellers providing license sales to their customers below:


Welcome advisors
We look forward to partnering with you on our world class accounting analytical add-ons! We are the insights platform for your advisory services and the solution to the 10%-15% of your customers that need more than just reporting. We provide a scheduled automated reporting solution for those customers that need only their reports

We provide Add-On's for the following accounting products currently:

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting
  • Sage Time Tracking

We provide a discount when advisors purchase for their customers, thus enabling you to provide your own package price to your customer based on your own advisory service portfolio.

Please sign-up or download our Sage Advisory Brochure for our partnership information and discount levels


Whether you are a Sage advisor, ISV or professional sales person or company we look forward to working with you as a reseller for our products internationally!

We provide a reseller partnership where you can log your leads and earn commission when those leads purchase our solution.

We provide commission of 30% on a sale for the 1st year subscription

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Improve Your Advisory Service

Improves Advisory Service

Improve Your Advisory Service:

Our service provides both analytical and reporting solutions which advisors in turn can deliver to their customers.

The majority of SME's are very happy to receive only their reports so we've ensured we deliver both the statutory as well as insights driven reports. Customers can receive scheduled or download their reports directly from the service. Thy can also directly export the data from the life application or action a on-demand report based on their current selections within the app

Our research shows that 10-15% of SME's want to analyse their financial data in detail, so we enable our advisors to provide their customers access to their life analytics via any internet connected device

We enable our advisor partners to do more with the same amount of people by dramatically cutting time pulling reports through provision of life analytics and provision of insights not only information, that can then be shared with the customer as a service

Our advisor partners are able to provide an insights based service to their customers and really consult them on how to drive their business forward working with various predictions, recommendations and scenario's.

We help our advisor partners deliver value based services to their customers

We have seen a major drive by accounting and bookkeeping practices to be more proactive and provide advisory services to their customers instead of just processing the data and providing their income statements, balance sheets, tax returns etc.

With our accounting solutions you can explore your customer's accounting data freely, understand the cause and effect of certain increases and decreases, review customer and supplier benchmarking and rankings over time, review and explore exceptions and trends as well as derive insights as to how your customer's finances are supporting their strategy execution… or not.

We have an automated reporting solution for those customers that only need their reports. You can export any data at any time!

Reporting Solutions

Our reporting solution provides you with data export capability directly from the analytical applications. Our scheduled reporting solution provides you with access to your income statement, balance sheet and trial balance as scheduled and delivered in excel format to your email. We also provide a performance report which will give you a breakdown of your Sales, Sales total by item, Gross & Net profit margins, working capital and expenses.
The performance report is not just an export of graphs and data but breaks the numbers down into context for you so it will inform you about which customers contributed to your sales and which items they purchased and whether certain metrics increased or decreased between periods.

Predictive Cashflow

Our cashflow prediction model interprets the behavior of income and expenses payments based on historical data and utilizes supplier payment date and the latest bank feed data to increase or decrease the bank balance accordingly, providing you with a prediction of your cashflow for a three month period.

The model is based on Machine Learning technologies so will learn and update on every reload. We have built some additional views to help the user change expenses, receivables and payment behaviors.

Provide Customers Access to Analytics and Reports

The standard ways to access your customers accounting data is to either be invited to their accounting instance or host it yourself meaning you are paying the accounting vendor directly but providing a service and access to your customer by inviting them as users to the system.

Our solution works in exactly the same manner

You can either be invited by the customer to their analytics solution and provide your advisory, or you can provide your customer with access to their own analytics on their own company data as well as their scheduled reports, should you be hosting their service.

This means you can provide your customer with access to their analytics, provide training and support services, provide data literacy services, provide advisory services and provide reporting services to your customers.

Provide Contextual & Discussion Stories

Our stories are enables you to generate a contextual advisory discussion method for your customers, and present it like a presentation to your customer. You can create stories with views on the data and trends, add your context and recommendations to the stories and use the stories in the session with your customer.

Although stories are snapshots of the current performance it is dynamic so you can access the life data directly from the story for a detailed discussion and then jump back into your story and continue your discussion agenda with the customer. You can send your customer an PowerPoint or PDF export of the story before or after the session.

Our solution thus enables you to find insights, develop a story with context and recommendations and provides a dynamic way for you to engage and discuss your customer's performance.

Data Exploration

Access your accounting data from any device! Our accounting solution has been prebuilt providing views on your data taking you from the most important dashboard views on financial performance, cash flow prediction, top expense growth/declines, customer & supplier analysis with receivable/payable buckets to more detailed views on trends, rankings, dynamic selections and drill down and across to freely explore all your accounting data.

Additionally to the detailed views we have created dynamic income statements, balance sheets and trial balances for your exploration.


You don't need another solution or tool to perform consolidations across your companies. When you have multiple companies, you will by default see all the views as consolidated views i.e. all the companies together, you can then select any group of companies or individual companies to analyse.

This provide a great service to those customers that have multiple companies and wish to see their consolidated sales, receivables, payables, profit etc. across a group of companies and individually.

Great product for pre-audits and audits

As our solution is built from the transactional level up and provides both aggregated and consolidated view of the data it is a great audit tool. You can easily determine and validate the completeness of income and expenses thus debtors and creditor transaction analysis from item level up to invoice and consolidation on customer or supplier levels.

You can easily assess gross profit percentages drilling down to markups and margins on per item level and validate whether cost/stock/inventory movements are correct and in line and if not have the ability to explore and understand why not.

Period Analysis & Global Search

Our ability to provide period on period such as month on month, year on year, month to date and year to date trend analysis makes it easy to spot inconsistencies in the transactional data or alternatively review the exception views for variances and inconsistencies.

Our global search ensures you don't need to go look for something but can just type it into the search and find the actual transaction, invoice, customer, supplier, journal entry etc. You can search by using the predefined measures and dimensions within the application or just free text search.

Professional Predefined Views Developed by Subject Matter Experts
Financial Performance, cashflow predictions, customers, suppliers, expenses, inventory, reports, financial analysis (bank transactions & account analysis)