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OEM & Distribution Partners

What type of company are you?

  • Are you a software company that integrates to cloud Accounting, CRM, HCM, Social Media and/or Productivity systems?
  • Do you have a system/process that automatically require the above system's data in order to process your own process?
  • Are you providing supplementary services to cloud systems such as business loans to SMB's?
  • Do you require analytics on your own cloud data provisioned to your customers?

Then we should assess a potential OEM or Distribution partnership

Why Partner With Us?

  • We are a dedicated cloud data and analytics service
  • We provide many integration options (configurations, e-commerce, security, authentication, AI integrations)
  • We provide many commercial deal structure options
  • We look for true mutual value creation partnerships that drive our mutual business growth
  • We provide training so you can build your own analytics based on the data we expose via our libraries
  • We host the base applications for you
  • We provide custom reporting configurations for your customers
  • We provide AI integration options

What We Offer

We integrate to cloud systems and provide advanced analytics, reporting and AI solutions. Out financial integrated solutions for Sage, Xero and Quickbooks are ready for integration to both OEM and Distribution partners.

Immediate Integration Opportunities

  • We are integrated to Twitter for our Twitter social mediate analytics
  • We are integrated to some top cloud accounting systems: Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and will perform more integrations to other systems
  • We have the accounting data now bring your own data and let's make some magic happen for our mutual customers
  • We provide embedded analytics to your software which means that the customer's accounting data and your data are integrated to provide a specific solution to the customer within your and Analytics2Insights system, portal or other
  • We provision data directly into your system via our mutual API's so your customer never leaves your system
  • We provide e-commerce subscription, configuration, user management, user access management integration options to your customers

Sign Up As EOM | Distribution Partner

Let's meet and discuss our mutual partnership. This type business model is very exciting as it creates completely new value to our existing customers!