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Data Exploration

See how our analytical application enables you to explore your accounting data down to the transactional level.

  • Are you a business owner, manager, accountant or analyst that wish to explore your accounting data from any perspective without pulling a single report?
  • Are you interested in why you have cash, not just the fact that you may have cash in the bank?
  • Are you interested in knowing your cash flow prediction and when you will run out of cash based on predictive expense analytics?
  • Do you need to know what exceptions are happening within your business such as customer invoice decreases, marginal expense increases, supplier margin increases, inventory movement and ageing etc?
  • Do you want to invite your trusted advisors to your analytics for further advisory services and more detailed analysis?
  • Are you looking for a better way to retrieve your reports or export your data on the fly?
  • Do you need your analytics and reports on your internet connected mobile device accessible at any time?

Then we have the solution for you!


Our demo shows how to subscribe to a report and the various reports available for subscription

We provide statutory reports such as income statement, balance sheet an trial balance and we provide insights based reports such as our performance report

Swift Reporting provides unlimited companies or based on subscription package

  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited report users
  • Unlimited report subscriptions

Freely explore your data

Analytics is not for everyone

Not all SME's have a need for analytics. Our research shows 10-15% of owners/CFO's/CPA's actively want to be on top of their financial data and actively analysing what your financial data is saying about your company's performance. Most SME's are happy with reporting, and we also address this need via our insights based reporting solutions.

Need more than reporting?

Our analytical add-ons enable you to freely explore your data. Do you need to know the answers to your WHY it happened questions not only your WHAT happened questions?

If you are that kind of CEO, CFO, Analyst or Advisor (Bookkeeper, Accountant, CPA) that needs to explore the data and understand the relationships between your customers, expenses, suppliers, cashflow and so forth down to the transaction level then we have the analytical solution for you!.

Our analytics solution enables you to understand the WHY within your data through exploration and enables you to argue with the data.

Four (4) Minutes Training

Review our ten minute training video and you are up and running. Understand the Green, White and Shades of Grey selection options and you have mastered our analytical solution! Go forth & Analyse!!

How To: Use Selections

You still get the reports

Even though you may be exploring your data via the analytical applications you can also receive your scheduled reports delivered to your email.

Reporting Demo

Unlimited, Scheduled, White Label Reports

Our automated reporting solution provides you with excel copies of your reports.

Unlimited Reporting

Our Swift Reporting solution is an unlimited reporting solution and delivers the following reports to unlimited companies and users within those companies.

  • Performance Report - All you need snapshot of your business!
  • Management Report - Financial Performance, Customer, Supplier, Cashflow, Expenses, Inventory
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

Scheduled Reporting

You can define the schedule for when you wish to receive all your reports. You set up the schedule once and the reports will be delivered accordingly

White Labeled

Uploaded your logo to your InsightsHub Profile and receive all your reports with your own logo on the report

Reporting Demo
Performance Report
Management Report
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance

Integrated Planning

Budgeting, Forecasting, Scenario Planning

We automatically work with your budgeting data inputted into your accounting system and provide a linear and average based forecast capability that will work with various periods of historical data to plot your forecast automatically.

This means your forecast is always available at any time and does not require you to input anything other than your budget should you wish to attain a comparative view of your forecast to budget performance. You can also export your forecast data directly to excel.


We have then integrated the budgeting and forecasting to our scenario planning model so that you can leverage your budget and forecast when you are planning your business.

You can easily perform scenario planning by increasing/decreasing the income statement-based categories such as sales, cost of sales, other income and expenses. The effected scenario will be plotted immediately to show you the effect across these categories.

Scenario Planning

When will I run out of cash?

This is a very common question asked to accountants across the globe.

Our cashflow prediction model provides you with a behavior based prediction on when your invoices will be paid, you will pay your suppliers and how your expenses will run for a three month period into the future.

The model learns and refreshes the data four times a day so you can see what your bank account balances will be three months in advance

The model is included as an analysis on our standard application accessible to all subscribers.

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Predictive Cashflow

Sales Recommendations

What to flog to whom next

We have implemented a sales recommendation model that will recommend which items to sell to a customer next. The Frequent Item Set (FIM) likelihood learning model works with various historical data periods and recent purchase data and extrapolates a recommendation based on the historical purchase patterns of items by a specific customer.

A probability measure or likelihood is calculated and used to predict whether an item is more likely to be purchased based on historic vs recent customer purchases (sales). Each probability is validated against a measure of possibility of the item just being bought more frequently in which case the high likelihood is classified “not interesting”, otherwise ‘interesting”. All interesting associations are returned as recommendations or sales opportunities for a particular customer

The biggest benefit of the sales recommendation model is it is based on custom or item level, so you can see the recommended items for a customer or across multiple customers as well as the average quantity and sales value of such items across multiple customers which also supports your inventory procurement decisions.

Sales Recommendation

Customer & Supplier Analysis

Know Your Stakeholders

We provide a detailed analysis on your customer ans supplier transactions

  • Financial Analysis
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Sales & Ranking Analysis
  • Top Sales & Sales Change Analysis
  • Top Item & Item Category Sales Analysis
  • Item Sales Ranking
  • Comparative Sales & Invoicing
  • Sales vs. Debtors/Creditors
  • Invoice By Status
  • Quotes By Customer & Rep
  • Contact List

No Expense Can Hide!


Why do we need effective expense management?

Effective expense management is a very important part of financial management and if not managed carefully can cause major cashflow issues that may sink your company in due course.

Expenses can easily get out of hand as we see it increasing as the business grows. As a company grows through various stages, you will experience different increases in expense types and accounts.

Our expense analysis provides you with:

  • Top Expense Change Analysis
  • Comparative Expenses
  • Comparative Cumulative Expenses
  • YTD vs PYTD Analysis
  • Comparative Expenses Details
  • Detailed Expense Amounts
  • Expense MTD % FY
  • Cumulative MTD Expenses %
  • Expense MTD % vs Sales
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Top Expense Change Analysis

Top Expense Change Analysis

Comparative Expense Analysis

Comparative Expenses

YTD PYTD Analysis

YTD vs PYTD Analysis

Inventory Analysis & Forecasting

No more unhappy or lost customers due to inventory management

Inventory investment plays a major role in most SME businesses as it certainly is an investment that needs to be managed efficiently as it will have massive impacts on both cashflow as well as the working capital of the company.

Inventory Analysis Overview

  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Inventory on Hand
  • Item Units Sold by Invoice / Customer
  • Inventory on Hand by Item Ranking
  • Top Item on Hand Analysis
  • Item Ageing and Item Category Ageing
  • Item Sales Quantity and Value
  • Inventory Bucket Analysis
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Inventory Dashboard Analysis
On Hand Analysis
Inventory Sold Analysis
Item By Ranking Analysis
Bucket Analysis

Create Contextual Stories and Actions?

Stories is a great way to collaborate with your peers through contextual stories that provide a snapshot of your organisation's data, context and actions.

The stories feature enables you to create completely flexible stories around your data. Stories can be created in the form of a management meeting or Exco meeting agenda and all content, findings, actions can be structured accordingly.

Stories can be played and navigated like a presentation to review you data and context and create your actions through discussions, the key feature is that you can directly to your live data to further analyse in your meeting and then jump back to the story and continue your discussions.

Collaboration & Stories



Accessible from any device

  • Our analytics are accessible from any connected device
  • Should you access the add-on from our Apple (iOS) app you can also take your data offline

Consolidations for Franchises, Non-Profits & Holding Companies

Franchises, Non-Profits and Holding Companies don't need another solution or tool to perform consolidations across your companies. You get the same analytical and reporting solutions across one or multiple companies, but additionally we have created consolidation views which provides your companies in lists for comparisons.

Are you a business owner, manager, accountant or analyst that wish to explore your accounting data from any perspective without pulling a single report?

When you have multiple companies, you will by default see all the views as consolidated views i.e. all the companies together, you can then select any group of companies or individual companies to analyse.

This provide a great service to those customers that have multiple companies and wish to see their consolidated sales, receivables, payables, profit etc. across a group of companies and individually.

Franchises & Non-Profits

Time Tracking – No Billable Hour Can Hide!

We had a great analysis on time and now we have added the billable analysis.

The analysis provides you with twenty one sheets of analysis views that enable you to explore your data and find every hour captured… or not captured.

You can analyse your hours and billable performance across customer, employee, project and task.

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Sage Time Tracking
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