Mid-Market Accounting Solution

Our Mid-Market Solution is very well suited for SME's that require the ability to explore their accounting data, produce unlimited reports and have unlimited access to our InsightsBot Aime and our SmartAlert product.

  • Access prebuilt analytical views with trends, comparisons, integrated scenario planning and more on your data via any mobile device
  • Analyse your data across cash flow, budgets, customer, supplier, expenses, inventory with dynamic reports for your income statement, trial balance, balance sheet and access your transactional level data on general ledger level
  • Schedule unlimited automated reports that will automatically have your logo displayed within the report
  • Unlimited access to Aime for all your KPI data queries. Aime returns your KPI data instantly via the Telegram mobile chat application
  • Unlimited access to SmartAlerts for all your targeted and scheduled alerts. Alerts can be number or % target based or scheduled to be delivered to you daily, weekly or monthly
  • Invite unlimited stakeholders and trusted advisors (bookkeeper or accountant) to your Analytical App, Reporting, Aime & SmartAlerts?
Data Exploration

Data Exploration

See how our analytical application enables you to explore your accounting data down to the transactional level.

  • Are you a business owner, manager, accountant or analyst that wish to explore your accounting data from any perspective without pulling a single report?
  • Are you interested in why you have cash, not just the fact that you may have cash in the bank?
  • Are you interested in knowing your cash flow prediction and when you will run out of cash based on predictive expense analytics?
  • Do you need to know what exceptions are happening within your business such as customer invoice decreases, marginal expense increases, supplier margin increases, inventory movement and ageing etc?
  • Do you want to invite your trusted advisors to your analytics for further advisory services and more detailed analysis?
  • Are you looking for a better way to retrieve your reports or export your data on the fly?
  • Do you need your analytics and reports on your internet connected mobile device accessible at any time?

Then we have the solution for you!

Unlimited Reporting Solution

Our report solution provides you with access to your performance report, management report, income statement, balance sheet and trial balance as scheduled and delivered in excel format.

Our performance report provides a breakdown of your Sales, Sales total by item, Gross & Net profit margins, working capital and expenses. The performance report is not just an export of graphs and data but breaks the numbers down into context for you so it will inform you about which customers contributed to your sales and which items they purchased and whether certain metrics increased or decreased between periods.

Our management report provides detailed views of your analysis across customer, supplier, cashflow, expenses, inventory etc.

Our reporting solution provides you with data export capability directly from the analytical applications should you have the access license.

InstantInsigths: Just Ask Aime

Ask Aime Our InsightsBot

Ever sit in a meeting and didn't know the latest numbers? Well just Ask Aime and you'll have your numbers instantly on your mobile device!

Aime is our chatbot that is integrated to the Telegram messaging service and your accounting data and you can ask her about your performance across various KPI's such as sales, expenses, outstanding receivables etc.

Aime is easy to configure so just register and go to the Mobility tab in InsightsHub for instructions on how to access Aime

You can Ask Aime questions directly from the chat box or the provided selection menu. Aime will immediately respond with answers to your questions without you having to open a browser or app or navigate to your answers.

We have integrated the following KPI's to Aime

  • Sales MTD & YTD
  • Expenses MTD & YTD
  • Cost of sales MTD & YTD
  • Total cost MTD & YTD
  • Total Costs MTD & YTD
  • Profit/loss after tax MTD & YTD
  • Receivables
  • Payable
  • Working Capital
  • Current Ratio
  • Acid Ratio

Aime is also integrated to our SmartAlerts feature which delivers all alerts via Aime.



Our SmartAlerts feature enables you to set alerts on your KPI's.

Alerts can trigger based on an set percentage increase/decrease on a specific amount or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly fo when you need the data.

Our alerts are delivered through Aime our InsightsBot so once you have configured Aime you can access the alerts feature directly. You can access and configure Aime from the mobility tab in .

Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning

Budgeting, Forecasting, Scenario Planning

We automatically work with your budgeting data inputted into your accounting system and provide a linear and average based forecast capability that will work with various periods of historical data to plot your forecast automatically.

This means your forecast is always available at any time and does not require you to input anything other than your budget should you wish to attain a comparative view of your forecast to budget performance. You can also export your forecast data directly to excel.

We have then integrated the budgeting and forecasting to our scenario planning model so that you can leverage your budget and forecast when you are planning your business.

You can easily perform scenario planning by increasing/decreasing the income statement-based categories such as sales, cost of sales, other income and expenses. The effected scenario will be plotted immediately to show you the effect across these categories.

Scenario Planning