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Are you an SMB that knows your business and want to track the daily changes in your numbers?

You need to be proactive with your numbers or wish to be informed about what the numbers are daily, weekly or monthly? You don't need to explore your financial data but do need your reports such as your income statement, trial balance, balance sheet, performance report and management report?

  • Unlimited access to Aime for all your KPI data queries. Aime returns your KPI data instantly via the Telegram mobile chat application directly to your mobile device
  • Unlimited access to SmartAlerts for all your targeted and scheduled alerts. Alerts can be number or % target based or scheduled to be delivered to you daily, weekly or monthly
  • Invite unlimited stakeholders and trusted advisors (bookkeeper or accountant) to your Reporting, Aime & SmartAlerts?

Should you be one of the 20% of small business owners that do wish to explore and analyse their data then see our Mid-Market solution

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Its easy to configure your add-on and gain access to your data.

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