Accounting Decision Support Solution for Franchises and Non-Profits

Accounting Decision Support Solution for Franchises & Non-Profits

Simplifying Cloud Accounting For Everyone

Managing the finances of multiple companies or organisations is not easy from a processing perspective that is why we have made your analytics seamless!

Our solution enables you to analyse multiple selected companies at the same time or just one company at a time. We provide ranking, benchmarking and comparative views around organisational performance across all your companies in our consolidated analysis views.

Our Add-on integrates to your accounting data and provide best in class prebuilt analytics and unlimited reporting.

  • Are you in head office or a franchise/non-profit company?
  • Do you need to explore your various company’s data?
  • Do you need to analyse one, multiple or all your companies at any time?
  • Do you need rankings across your companies and areas such as Sales, Gross Profit, Net Profit etc?
  • Do you need to analyse your companies across company, incomes statement category such as sales or cost of sales or expenses per month?
  • Do you need to know how your companies stack up across Sales vs net Profit Margin or Net Profit Margin vs Gross Profit Margin?
  • Do you need the freedom to explore the data for exactly why certain companies are performing better than others?
  • Are you in head office and wish to manage access for franchisees to their own company data?

Then we have the solution for you!

Cloud Accounting Data Analytics Integrations

Analytics Solution Feature Benefits

Its easy to configure your add-on and gain access to your data. You can invite unlimited amount of users.