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Thank you for your interest in Analytics2Insights!

Cloud system vendors produce great back-end systems for inputting data and managing processes, but they are providing standard reporting capabilities, and this is where we wish to add value in providing insights around your cloud data.

We are a group of analytical addicts who understand the majority of the effort to get a good analytical solution up and running, is performed within the data.

The Analytics2Insights service is the result of two year preparation and development by the MM team (thanks guys!!). The service consists of a very scalable and secure cloud platform that automatically ingests data, loads data, transforms and provisions data to the presentation layer which are visualized in the analytical applications we provide to our subscriber customers.

The platform has been built to support and scale for hundreds of solutions and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Our platform takes advantage of the latest infrastructure, data management, data transformation, data provisioning, security, redundancy, analytics and advanced insights technologies. We continue to invest in our advanced insights abilities and apply such methods to our Analytics2Insights service as this will be a key value driver for our customers which is to have their data predict or advise on a course of action.

Our objective is to provide every cloud system with advanced analytical capabilities, giving users the ability to gain value from their data, so we have started our mission by launching our first solutions and will be rolling out new solutions every month!

Modernising Management Introduction

  • We are a leading Advanced Analytics Provider.
  • Our experience team of Data Architects, Data Engineers and Data Scientists ensure the successful deployment of your advanced analytics solutions.
  • We provide comprehensive Advisory, Consultation, Software Implementation, Training and Support Services.
  • Advanced Insights

  • Business Intelligence (Qlik & Microsoft Stack)
  • Fact based advisory services
  • Insights and Advanced Insights (feature correlations, trends, exceptions, predictive, prescriptive, clustering)
  • Coding (R, Python, Mathlab, Mathematics, Java, C/C++, Scala, etc.)
  • Machine Learning Tools (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, SK-Learn etc.)
  • We thank you for your interest in Analytics2Insights and truly hope you find value in our solutions for yourself and your business.

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