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What We Do

Advanced Cloud Data Analytics

Why Analytics2Insights?

Our completely automated system has you analysing your data in minutes.

What do you need to deliver your internal and external advisory services?

What You Can Expect:

It's instant, advanced, comprehensive and always available!

Instant Integration

Instant Integration

Self-Service easy configuration and access to your data almost immediately!
Analytical Applications

Analytical Applications

Access our pre-built analytical apps, self-service and build your own analytical views, use our cognitive insights to recommend visualisations based on your questions on your data.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We provide predictive, recommendations, InsightsBots, SmartAlerts and more to provide you with insights on your data.


We provide unlimited, white labelled scheduled reports.You can subscribe to your reports and schedule the automatic generation of your reports as you wish to access them from time to time.


Our solutions are completely mobile so you can access it from any connected device. We provide browser, iOS & Android apps (online/offline) and Telegram messenger access to Aime via any mobile devices.

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