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Advanced Cloud Data Analytics

Why Analytics2Insights?

We provide advanced analytics on your cloud data. Whether you are looking to explore your data, attain a report or just get your numbers when you need them, we've got you covered!

There is no need to worry about infrastructure or setup and development costs, security or any upfront investments! We have you covered with our cloud based solutions!

Whether you are in practice of in business, you can now gain insights into their business, make informed statistically driven decisions and take appropriate actions from anywhere, any time and on any connected device.

  • Interactively explore your data! No more data snapshots or aggregations, explore all your data down to transactional level. Slice, dice, drill down and across for unlimited analysis across customers/debtors, suppliers/creditors, expenses, inventory, cash flow statements, integrated planning and exception analysis throughout all your accounting data. We expose all your data so you can build your own analysis views with our drag/drop capability directly from our data library
  • Unlimited Reporting: Accounting Solutions: Unlimited, white labelled, scheduled and automated reporting. It is pre-built, so just subscribe and use!
  • InstantInsights: Accounting Solutions: AI that brings you the numbers when you need them! Just ask Aime our InsightsBot! She will answer all your KPI questions immediately via your mobile. Need to be notified when your data changes? You can set up proactive targeted or scheduled alerts to keep you updated on your data at all times
  • Business Planning: Accounting Solutions: All our analysis provide forecasting, scenario planning and integrated planning to ensure you plan your business and budgets correctly. We have incorporated forecasting across all relevant visualisations to support your analysis across the analysis app
  • Consolidations: Accounting Solutions: Visualizations on multiple entities
  • Mobility: Explore your data from any connected device

Cloud Data Analytics Insights

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