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Why Analytics2Insights

Why Analytics2Insights?

Looking for more than a reporting solution? Then you are at the right place!

Why wait for a report when you can access your data real-time and explore your data down to transactional level?

We provide the perfect solution for business owners and advisors to gain insights into their business, make informed decisions and take appropriate actions from anywhere, any time and any connected device.

  • Explore Your Data - Analyse your customers, suppliers, expenses, inventory, casflow statements across all your accounting data
  • Just Ask Aime our InsightsBot who answers all your KPI questions immediately via your mobile
  • SmartAlerts Ensure You Are Always Aware - Proactive alerting to changes in your data
  • Integrated Budgeting, Forecasting, Scenario Planning
  • 3-Tier Planning - Integrated scenario planning across Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement
  • Artificial Intelligence (Cashflow Predictions, Sales Recommendations)
  • Actionable Insights through our accounting and Wunderlist (task management) apps
  • Unlimited, White Labeled, Scheduled & Automated Reporting (prebuilt so just subscribe & use)
  • Consolidations - multi company analytics
  • Mobility - Explore your data from any device

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What You Can Expect

It's instant, advanced, comprehensive and always available!

Instant Integration - Red

Instant Integration

We have developed easy configurable, step by step configurations, enabling you to gain access to your data immediately! We connect and automatically update the data from your cloud systems.
Analytical Application - Red

Analytical Applications

The prebuilt analytical applications ensure all your analytics to insights requirement are met. Our user driven analytics enables everyone to gain insights into their data.
Advanced Insights - Red

Artificial Intelligence

Our integration of machine learning, cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies into our platform enables us to provide you with advanced insights that learn and adapt as your business grows. We provide predictive, recommendations, InsightsBots and prescriptive based insights across our solutions.
Reporting - Red


We provide unlimited, white labelled scheduled reports. Our reporting solutions ensures you have access to your reports as you need them. You can subscribe to your reports and schedule the automatic generation of your reports as you wish to access them from time to time.
Mobility - Red


Our solutions are completely mobile so you can access it from any connected device. We provide browser, iOS apps (online/offline) and Telegram messenger access via mobile devices.


You won't know if these are true until you give it a try!

Best in Class

Best In Class

Our best in class analytical applications ensures you analyse at the speed of thought, and across all dimensions of your data, all the time!
Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Our solutions are cloud based so you can access them from any device at any time with the assurance that we have build redundancy into our platform and conform to our service level agreement with you.


Our solution provides complete security around your information and your data. Your users are also authenticated throughout the process.


Configure your own solutions, assign your own licenses, access and utilise your own analytics yourself, we have made it seamless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our product is very easy to use, you can review our 4 minute video on how to use the selections and you are off to a running start!

View Selections Video

We provide other short How-To videos to support you should you need them.

Not at all, we have made this super easy to understand and use. The features are all selection and increase/decrease drag options that will immediately plot the forecast based on your historical data and plot your scenario changes accordingly.

We provide a comprehensive analysis around your cashflow, working capital and liquidity management.

  • Cashflow statements
  • Cash Inflows & Outflows Analysis
  • Cashflow Movements
  • Predictive Cashflow
  • Predictive Cashflow Exceptions
  • Working Capital

Not complicated at all, you configure with a username and password and you are done

You can invite people to the service and assign them with access rights to a specific company for both the analytical app and reports.

As an advisor you can invite your customers to the service, provide them access to their own company and reports. They can then go schedule their own automated reports according to their own schedules or you can receive all reports and then distribute them yourself.

Please use our knowledge center or support ticket system to gain access to our support team. You can also use the chat capability on our site to chat with us directly.

Access FAQ

Access FAQ

Access Knowledge Base

Access Knowledge Base

Raise a Support Ticket

Support Ticket

We provide for an online skype capability within our support section so it is easy to get in contact and share the screen so we can see what the challenge might be, so go ahead, get in contact.


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