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Advanced Insights On Your Cloud Accounting Data

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“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain

Tired of pulling reports? Come explore your financial data & automate your reporting!

Our solutions are built by subject matter experts to address any question-answer-question scenario you may have on your data, leading to better insights to ask better questions, and thus make better decisions and take action!

We provide advanced analytics and automated reporting solutions

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Customer & Partner Quotes

There were things we didn't know.... lots of things... good and bad...!
The inventory analysis: I am so excited to get the system running, it’s really going to change our business!
The thought of never having to pull a report again is exhilarating!
We didn't realize the value we could add to our customers through our advisory services... until now!

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What You Can Expect

It's instant, advanced, comprehensive and always available!

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Instant Integration

We have developed easy configurable, step by step configurations, enabling you to gain access to your data immediately! We connect and automatically update the data from your cloud systems.
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Analytical Applications

The prebuilt analytical applications ensure all your analytics to insights requirement are met. Our user driven analytics enables everyone to gain insights into their data. Self-Service users (COMING SOON) can access, and utilise the asset libraries to create their own analysis as needed, based on your data.
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Advanced Insights

Our integration of machine learning, cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies into our platform enables us to provide you with advanced insights that learn and adapt as your business grows. We provide predictive and prescriptive based insights across our solutions.
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Our reporting solutions ensures you have access to your reports as you need them. Schedule your reports or get them delivered On-Demand (COMING SOON) directly from your analytical applications by subscribing to the On-Demand module.
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Our solutions are completely mobile so you can access it from any device browser with an internet connection. Alternatively we provide on device applications.


You won't know if these are true until you give it a try!

Best in Class

Best In Class

Our best in class analytical applications ensures you analyse at the speed of thought, and across all dimensions of your data, all the time!
Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Our solutions are cloud based so you can access them from any device at any time with the assurance that we have build redundancy into our platform and conform to our service level agreement with you.


Our solution provides complete security around your information and your data. Your users are also authenticated throughout the process.


Configure your own solutions, assign your own licenses, access and utilise your own analytics yourself, we have made it seamless!


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